About Mike

I am a fully qualified photographer with almost 20 years experience. I discovered my passion for photography as soon as I was able to hold a camera but it was whilst serving in the Army I was afforded the opportunity to qualify as a professional on a highly regarded and competitive course. I then went on to complete assignments in Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Iraq. After leaving the Army I decided to utilise my skills and extensive knowledge and experience to set up my own business.

With every new photographic shoot I take time to understand your specific requirements and from the initial enquiry I will work hard to ensure the project runs smoothly, within your specified time frames, and most importantly, to an agreed budget.  Clients tell me they really appreciate my well-received input of ideas and keen eye for detail.  I am happy to work to a well-defined brief or be given free reign to use my creativity and experience to create stunning photography.

I have also undertaken, and enjoy, working as part of a wider creative commercial team, which seeks to bring various elements together to promote business. There is nothing I cannot or will not do in the pursuit of capturing the perfect photograph, including arranging aerial photography if required.

I have experience using an array of techniques and styles with film photography and lighting using 35mm, medium format and large format cameras.  I work exclusively in the medium of digital photography and am pleased to say that my Photoshop skills are excellent.  Postproduction and image manipulation, if required, are included as part of the standard service I provide.

I am passionate about creating eye-catching photography and you will note that, unlike some photographers, I do not restrict the work I do to specific occasions. If you want a photograph I will do my best to get it for you! I take great pride in my work and look forward to providing you with a professional and friendly service. I hope that you enjoy looking at my Gallery.

Best Wishes,